Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'm Back!!

I took a break from writing....but now I am back. So many things have happened. I turned 40!! My daughter turned 21 and we took her to Las Vegas on a birthday trip. My weight is up, my running is nonexistant. I am working at 4:30 in the morning in an office twenty miles away, loaned out as a clerk, but I am makin' the muulah!! We bought a car, and the pressure to pay back the bank in record time is making me fret. (I HATE owing money!!) It seems like such a waste to pay someone else to use their money!! I would much rather be making money off someone else. So as you can see I have health and financial issues, but this summer is going well.

Three of the Solomon family, Jenna, and I made a mad dash to Silver Dollar City one Friday. My best friend, who deals with arthritis everyday, wore me out. She is allowed to go straight to the front of the line, since she has a disability AND she is allowed to bring her family with her (which included me and Jenna). So, with no waiting, we hit every ride in the park. We sampled the local cuisine (salted pretzels, greasy fries, sugary drinks, etc.) and then rode the rides again. Is it any wonder I was beat???!!! It was a great day!

Well, I will save the rest for another blog.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ready for Spring

My running has been off, my diet has been off, my emotions have been off, my health has been off.....downward spiral.......I am soooooo ready for Spring!!!  Yesterday was our last basketball game.  I also picked up a flyer for a Memorial Day 5km run.  I am ready to get back in the saddle.  With the time change and health issues, I gave myself a break this week.  There are only 8 more weeks left of school (or torture as Tyler calls it).  I am so ready for his Junior year to be done.  We have both learned some valuable lessons this year.  I'm covering for my co-worker as she vacations this week.  All is well and I am READY FOR SPRING!! 

Below are some pictures of Jenna and I out in our park.  We took a walk, a couple of beach towels, and a bag full of snacks to lay back and watch the clouds on Friday.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Woeful Week Turns To Friendship, Margaritas, and A Movie

I have to say, it has been one horrendous week. Monday started out with slush, sleet, snow, ice, and school cancellations. The footings were treacherous. As a mail carrier, I wore chains three days in a row, and after hours of holding your body tense, in anticipation of a just become exhausted. The chains make you feel like you are walking barefoot on pebbles all day long. I started off several days this week with ibuprofin.

I also got news Monday, that Jimmie (my fellow letter carrier) had lost his dad. I knew things were bad, because on Saturday, he was in a recognizable fog of exhaustion and grief. It was rolling off of him in waves. The funeral was Thursday. Funerals are very difficult, because of the overwhelming sorrow. It batters against my spirit and I dread going to any. Amazingly, it was the best funeral I have ever attended (if one can be good). I honestly regret not having met Jimmie's Dad. He sounded like one incredible individual.

I recieved yet another email from Tyler's English teacher to inform me of his failing grade and his reluctance to participate in class. I have to admit to complete frustration in this area. I helped him study over some terms, and Tyler got a 40 on that particular test. I don't know what to do. I had Jeff call and talk to the principal to see what our options are if he fails English.

We had been to six basketball games over the weekend at a Columbus tournament. I had bleacher booty and I hadn't even been the one running up and down the court. I felt for my baby girl. During that tournament, there had been some upset between the coach and a set of parents that had been coming to a head. I got a call Sunday night to have Jenna repeat and verify a conversation, because there was going to be a Recreation Commision meeting on Wednesday. I stewed for three nights over the probility of parents fighting, unnecessary meanness, and character assasinations. Tuesday night's practice was tense, and emotions were at an all time high. There was another conversation that got blown out of proportion. I called some fellow parents to attend the meeting Wednesday to make sure all were aware of the problems and to become involved, because it concerned their daughters. My involvement was to assure that the truth would come out and that there would be no behind the scenes action taken without the knowledge of all parties involved. Those of you who know me, know I hate conflict. I would rather take a beating myself than stand up against another. It is not that I am a coward, it is that it makes me physically ill. I shake, sweat, and get sick to my stomach. I am not talking a normal reaction, but I made it through it. Jeff and I both attended the meeting and are praising God there are only three weeks left.

I am room mother of Jenna's class. Of course, her Valentine's party fell on Thursday. I made cupcakes the night before the party. I was able to work in GiGi's peanut butter cookies and came up with enough games to call the party a success.

I finally sat down Thursday evening to read some of my favorite blogs. There on the pages of Isabella Gudde's blog was the final straw that broke the camel's back. I just started bawling like a baby. Here is this 13 month old infant headed for her second open heart surgery. I called my best friend and cried. Life doesn't seem fair. I guess I am expecting God to "keep things fair". It doesn't seem right to make a little baby go through so much, when she is just starting out in life. Then I think of all the good things that have come from her situation. My best friend summed it all up when she said, "remember what is truly important...and then to enjoy it." Bella's situation made me realise how precious life is. Her parents are standing strong and preaching God's word in a time of trial. It almost makes me ashamed of my "horrendous week" woes. I am thankful for every breath, but most of all I plan to make the most of what time on earth I do have...because I am just passing through. To get the latest on Bella, hit the link to the left.

So, Friday rolled around, and we had made plans to go out with friends. I was very tempted to cancel earlier in the week, but extremely thankful I didn't. I needed to enjoy life. We went to Jim's steakhouse and I had a huge 12 oz. ribeye, baked potato with sour cream, onion rings, and helped with a pitcher of margaritas. We, then went and caught a movie. We laughed, we loved, we enjoyed life, and I feel a better person for it.

Today, I went to church with Bella foremost in my mind and heart. Her name was on our prayer list. I worshipped with my voice lifted up to Him, knowing He knows best and has His hands on that little girl and her family. Bella.....I will be in prayer on my knees tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. God is good and He will be there, too.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sweet Success

Well, I have to weight loss journey is not all sweet success. I visited the Jenny Craig office yesterday.....and ohhhhh how the mighty have fallen. I am up .6 of a pound. While this is extremely discouraging....I have to take responsibility for this setback. I admit to some Superbowl overeating [to my best friend: I say "That da** Trout!!" wink, wink=)] and Birthday cookie raids from the cookie jar. What was just going to be one plate on Sunday...turned into five. And what was just going to be just one cookie....turned into four...several days in a row. Is it any wonder I gained?? I haven't been eating my salads at lunch. I have been skipping my vitamins. My V-8's have been sitting quietly in the fridge like little lost boys!!! If I look at the big picture, though, I have lost over 30 pounds. I just need to get back on track. Eating has always been a big issue for me, and it is time to get back on the band wagon. So after my appointment of excuses, I went to Wal-mart, stocked up on fresh veggies and fruit, and today I have a plan for sweet success.....the right way!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Where Does the Time Go?

Time has recently been in my thoughts lately. I looked at my last post and realised it has almost been ten days since my last entry. There's been a "whole-lot-a-nothin' goin' on". Just the normal, basketball practice, bill paying, grocery shopping, working, running, reading, and writing.

One event coming up is my youngest is turning 11. Hard to believe, but again, where did the time go?? It seems like only yesterday, Jeff and I were leaving the hospital with a little bundle all wrapped up against the cold. Now that little bundle stands almost taller than I. She keeps me hopping with piano, trumpet, and now...her interest is in guitar (see her blog at .

She is also a basketball whiz. She loves driving down the court. Her hair flies behind her. She is a very smart player...and when someone tries to steal the ball from her a gleam comes in her eye as the elbows start flying!!!! That's my girl!!!!I was bragging about her at work the other day about how I wish she would be more "mean" with the ball....She is just too nice. My co-worker said, "She takes after her Dad, does she?" I roared with laughter, and said, "You bet she does!!"

She does all these activities, while keeping a 4.0 in school. She astounds me!! We are so blessed.....and again....Where does the time go?

Monday, January 21, 2008

I've Got Depression on the Run :P

Everybody's blog I read talks about depression.  I have to admit to my own battle and some very hopeless moments. January is truly a "dark" month, both figuratively and literally. Not only does the "let down" from Christmas occur, but all those nasty bugs are going around. My house has been hit with the stomach flu. Jenna was the victim on Saturday and Sunday, and Tyler is home with it today. I am hoping to bypass the whole mess, but I know my percentage chance is now I just wait.

One of the things I am using to fight depression is running. Even though the wintry weather has put a major stop to the outdoor running, I have been logging some miles on my treadmill. I was so pent up with frustration and all around sourness, that last Thursday I ran for a full hour. The sweat was running off me like a river. My clothes were soaked clear through. It was a really good way of dealing with all those feelings....the best therapy. I honestly slept extremely well for the next three nights. Yesterday, I got on the treadmill and ran 40 minutes. It had the same effect. I slept through the night and I am very relaxed this morning. It certainly can't be hurting in the losing weight department!!!

Girlfriends, I don't know if this will work for you, but it is certainly helping me keep my sanity....hope it helps.

:) Sheri

Sunday, January 13, 2008

FROSTY the Snowgirl ;) Will Survive!!

I went running this morning this morning at 7:30 a.m.....the first kilometer was frigid torture!!! ...But I kept going. My body had a hard time warming up!! ...But I kept going. My hood was pulled tight and I was breathing through the strings. ...But I kept going. My fingers were covered with gloves and still numb. ...But I kept going. You're probably seeing the pattern here. I ran a full 5.25 km. in 28:12 minutes, but it wasn't easy. The last song I was running to was "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor. The YouTube to the left is quite retro with spandex and sparkles from the 70's, but worth reminiscing. Quite appropriate in my running and my new Powersong!! Fellow runners who brave the cold and bypass the treadmill...I am in awe. Next run will be on the treadmill, I am too much of a wussie. ...But I keep going AND I WILL SURVIVE! :)